Young Maternity Portrait Session

Pregnancy is an experience like no other. It's difficult to describe what it's like to someone who has never been pregnant, growing a heart, a brain, arms, feet... a person, is truly unique. And pregnancy is certainly not for the faint at heart. It's a difficult but ultimately positive experience. It's our opinion that mothers deserve to remember their pregnancy with photographs that capture the strength, beauty, and even the vulnerability of carrying a child. It's with this in mind that we were contacted by Megan for maternity portraits for her second pregnancy.


Maternity Portraits for Mom

With her first pregnancy, Megan went with a more traditional maternity photoshoot, a pretty dress at a nice location with hubby. And they are lovey, but for this photoshoot she wanted a celebration of her pregnancy. She wanted photos that showed her as strong, bold, and beautiful. We knew exactly what she wanted.


Maternity Goddess


For her first look we focused on her main objective, which was to make a statement about her goddess-like state. We went with flowing fabric on a dark background for the bold look she had requested. These photos are nothing if not bold and powerful. Our champagne fabric was a great choice for gender neutrality she was going for.

 'Goddess' maternity portrait with flowing fabric 

A Softer Side

We coupled the majestic and regal photos of her with the flowing fabric with photos that captured the more delicate and gentler side of maternity. The draped fabric is subtle but remains dramatic and pairs well when displayed alongside the previous portrait.

Dramatic maternity portrait with draped fabric.
dramatic maternity portrait with wrapped fabric

Sexy AND Pregnant?

For her next look we went with something more edgy and stylish. Traditional dresses and gowns are great but Megan is stylish and hoped to capture a little of her fashionista side. She also expressed that she still wanted to feel sexy and desirable. This is something many moms-to-be struggle with and we knew it was delicate subject. It can be difficult to show sexy without going overboard and that was important to both us and Megan when doing this series. Megan had a lot of fun with this look and she showed us her a little of her fierce model side.

sexy maternity photo with black lace top
stylish maternity photo with lace top

Simply Maternity

For the last look we went with a different kind of bold. Nude. The constant pressure for woman to look perfect leaves many feeling inadequate, couple that with all of the changes a pregnant body goes through and you're likely to feel, as many pregnant woman put it like a "whale". But we know that beauty comes in all shapes and in many forms, we are body positive and believe there are few things more beautiful than a woman who is pregnant.

None of that really matters beyond having the confidence to get in front of the camera. Because the real goal with this series of maternity shots was to create a piece that represented her pregnancy in the most realistic and sincere way possible. This photo in particular is vulnerable, beautiful, and again has remained dramatic.

dramatic studio maternity portrait

The entire collection of photographs from this maternity session are dramatic and beautiful yet capture the experience of pregnancy in a different way. There are many sides to maternity and everyone has a unique experience, we are thrilled to have been a part of Megan's.

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