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When you hear 'school photos' it's doubtful that what comes to mind is anything other than an awkward photo with a lousy background. When we were invited by the Spanish School 4Kids to do their spring portraits we were excited for the chance to show that school photos don't have to be awful, in fact they can be great!

If you're not familiar with the Spanish School 4 kids preschool owner Abigail Moran was kind enough to give us a quick intro to her Spanish immersion school as well as a little about herself. You can read her story at the end of this blog.

Our goal was to provide parents with photos that were as close to what we would offer in our studio as possible, clean and modern portraits. With our experience with the Fundamentally Toys shoot we knew that working in a team was going to be a must, and in this case we would not have the help of mom or dad. As it turned out Abby and her staff were wonderful with the kids and were able to comport and encourage when necessary.

Here are just a few of the beautiful kids we worked with!


The kids were a great mix of serious and silly, which made our work so much fun! We definitely think these photos stand out when compared to typical school photos and we had such a blast taking them. We can not wait for next year's photoshoot!



Please read more to learn about the Abby and the Spanish School 4Kids


Tell us a little about yourself and your school.

I was born in El Salvador, in Central America. I came to the USA when I was ten years old.  My father brought me to this country to have better opportunities and a better life.  I studied to be a Bilingual teacher and then I went back to school to get my Masters degree in Children Counseling.  I have a son who is my everything and proud to say that he is fully Bilingual. 

I opened The Spanish School 4Kids three years ago. I was working as a Teacher Specialist for Houston Independent School District. I love to have different options available and dream for a bright future. I decided to leave my job and open my own business. The first year was very difficult because I did not have any income for the first year of business. My hopes were always present and after my the first year kids started coming and parents started recommending my school. My goal has always been doing my very best with the kids and the rest will just happen.  I love what I do and would not change it for anything. To me coming to Spanish School 4Kids is not coming to a job, but to a hobby that I enjoy doing. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to make a difference in the children's lives. It makes my day to see a smile on our babies faces.  Spanish School 4Kids is a Spanish Immersion Preschool were kids are able to come a learn a new language. We teach Spanish through the skills that students need for school.

In today's world knowing one language is not enough. Spanish School 4Kids has been created to serve the need to acquire a second or third language, by being immersed in a Spanish speaking setting. Combining real word hands-on activities, learning while having fun in a safe and nurturing environment, is our number one priority.

What were the reasons you wanted to open your own preschool? 

I wanted to open my own preschool in order to make a better world!  If we sow positive things in our children's lives we will reap positive results. I wanted to become independent and to build a business in order to offer a better future for my son. Hard work pays off and I was ready to work hard in order to accomplish the goal of why my parents brought me to America.  When my father passed he left me an inheritance and I wanted to invest that money in a place where my heart was going to be and try to multiply my investment. I was ready to lose or win, but I did not want to say later in life "what if." I am happy to see what Spanish School 4Kids has become and I love every student and parent that has been with us. 

Why a Spanish immersion school?

I have dedicated myself in order for my son to be Bilingual because I believe the more languages a person knows the more opportunities e person will have. The strategies that I have used with my son I have applied them at Spanish School 4Kids. There a many Hispanics in Texas so we need our future adults to be able to communicate with them. The best way to learn a new language is to be immersed in that language.

What sets your school apart from some of the other great preschools in Houston?

I think the only thing that sets my preschool apart from the other great preschools in Houston is the language. I am sure the other schools are doing an awesome job with the kids.  We might be doing similar activities, but just in a different language.

What advice would you give parents who are looking for a preschool?

My advice for parents is to think about the goals that they have for their children and if they would like for their kids to become Bilingual, Spanish School 4Kids is available to offer the best education for their children. Spanish School 4Kids focus on the whole well being of every child, to mold and prepare great citizens for the future.

How can parents reach you? 

The best way for parents to reach me is through email: or calling (713) 393-7197.

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