Newborn & Family Photos

The Nichols family is now a party of 5! Momma was a tad surprised when they got the news that she was having her third boy. But nonetheless they were excited to add to their beautiful family. 

This family were amazing to photograph! Mom and Dad were very loving with their family and the boys were so well behaved. At ages 6 and 4 they were thrilled to hold their new baby brother for photos and both were all smiles. 


Sibling Photos

Big brothers were too cute! They brought their own hats, which mom thought they wanted for fun and not photos, but how could we resist these cuties in their little hats. With no fighting or whining they hugged and smiled for us, the entire time. And when it was time to hold brother they were very gentle and listened to our instructions. 

Its so fun to learn about the kids we get to photograph. Biggest brother, Landen, is crazy about sports. He loves to play baseball and soccer - Dad's Instagram feed is full of great action shots! Decklen loves trucks, he can explain the difference between a skidsteer and a front-end loader, in great detail. As you can imagine, these boys keep their parents very busy. 


Baby Owen was so precious. He had amazing hair, chubby cheeks, and loved to be cuddled, which made our job more challenging but we were able to get some beautiful photos of him. Typically 6-10 days is best to photograph newborn babies because that's when they are the sleepiest and easiest to get into those cute poses, but babies still have preferences and their own personalities. We never force babies into a position or pose, if a baby wants their head to the right, that's what we do. In the end, we were glad we could get an eyes open shot, which is rare, and a variety of images of Owen being swaddled and naked for mom and dad.  

Photo shoot styling

Mom picked out some great colors for the boys to wear, turquoise and coral. In her consultation she mentioned that she liked gray, white and blue, not coincidentally the colors found around their home. Knowing her color preferences we were able to advise her on what to wear for the photo shoot and what would look best when hanging the photos in her home. We advised her to pick a neutral color, such as white as the foundation and then pick a color like blue as an accent, but everyone has be in the same blue. It's a perfect example that not everyone has to wear the same color ( the dreaded "matchy-matchy"). Check out our blog on color coordinating. Parents being in white and the boys in a color makes the boys stand out and really shows that mom and dad are all about their boys. 

For baby we used a gray fur for consistency with the family images and a blue swaddle. Swaddling babies is a great way to show how small and snuggly sweet they are! Then we wanted to photograph baby on a clean white fabric. Keeping the focus on his sweet features that will soon change. 


Newborn Photos

Mom did a great job keeping the baby happy, all the while looking great herself. Baby boy made us work for it a bit but mom handled it like a champ. She stayed calm, which is so important since babies are great at sensing your frustration and stress. I don't blame baby for wanting to stay in mom's warm arms but once we got him wrapped he was cozy.

Dad was awesome, too. Having both parents stay relaxed goes a long way in keeping a shoot on track. He made sure the older boys were happy. And when it was time for a feeding break he chatted with us about the boys, the Astros, and about their Hurricane Harvey damage and recovery. 


Wall art and photo albums

Mom and Dad loved their portraits, this was their first newborn session and were excited to have photos of the family. They have limited wall space so they wanted a variety of sizes in canvases to hang through out their home, some in the boys room, a couple in their bedroom and one or two in their living room.

They also loved the idea of an album where they could a majority of their images printing and displayed in a beautiful way. Its a great way to have a collection of photos all in one place for people to see. Our album also comes with a display box, they can showcase their album on a shelf and still keep it nice and safe. 

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