Why Studio Portraits Are Having A Renaissance

high school portrait of young woman wearing gown

We’ve all seen the photos of the family in a field of tall grass, bluebonnets if you’re in Texas, or those sunlit, bright beach session photos with the family walking hand in hand (ahem - our first family and maternity photos). So why is it that there is a growing demand for studio portraits?

Contemporary Studio Portraits

African American studio portrait, mom, dad, two sons
smiling baby in blue

Studio portraits have come a long way since the days of last-minute mall photoshoots, and cheesy “glamour” photography. The general quality of professional studio photographers is greater today than ever before. There are two primary forces behind this.

Photography Education

The photography industry as a whole has access to more and higher quality educational resources than ever before. Prior to online education and social media access to these resources were previously only available through expensive college programs (in fact, one of the most renowned photography schools in the world has closed due to this access).

Higher Expectations

The demand for high quality work from consumers who have grown to expect more has also driven photographers to raise their standards. With the popularity of social media, especially Instagram, people see and share more images than ever before. When someone finds a great photographer the photos get shared and spread across the globe within seconds, now a photographer in Milan has just influenced someone looking for photos in Houston.

Studio Portraiture’s Rise in Popularity

dramatic portrait of young woman in stylish white dress
Two high school aged young men smiling
Maternity portrait

Style, Amenities, & Flexibility

In our experience, both as photography subjects and photographers the hassles of outdoor photoshoots coupled with the lack of resources for creativity leave us wanting more. It’s from our personal experience having our photograph taken in the outdoors that lead to our opening a portrait studio in the first place. Having your portrait session in a studio allows for a much more comfortable, flexible, and an overall far more enjoyable photoshoot, and of course an updated style of portraits.

When surveyed, our clients say the key factor in choosing a studio photo session over an outdoor session is the desire for photos with a more modern look, along with the flexibility of an indoor photoshoot. Whether it’s dramatic maternity photos, more refined family photos or something clean and contemporary studio portraits offer a wider range of style options. Beyond a need for style, having access to a changing room, not being at the mercy of unpredictable weather, and privacy are all reasons people are choosing to have their photos taken in a studio.

Baby boy sitting
African American family in formal dress
Maternity portrait woman in white dress

While there will always be those who choose outdoor photoshoots there are now far more reasons than ever before to choose to have a session in a studio. Personally, we’re happy there’s something for everyone!

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