Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

There is no question, everyone needs a professional headshot. They’re no longer just for actors and realtors, thanks in large part to social media and the importance of a web presence for nearly every business, headshots are now ubiquitous across all professions. 

Here are the tops 5 reasons why you need a professional headshot:

1. A professional headshot makes a great first impression

When someone sees a photo of you for the first time they instantly make dozens, possibly hundreds of assumptions. The best way to guide their reaction into positive assumptions is to present yourself as professional and confident. A professional portrait photographer will have the knowledge and skill to achieve this. Another benefit of using a professional photographer is that it shows people that you care about the details, you care about quality. If you care about the quality in yourself you care about the quality in your work.

2. You will make a connection

Eye contact, even through a photo or video is a powerful connection. Whether you're a small business owner or you're trying to move up the corporate ladder, having a great photo of yourself is a necessary step in connecting with the people that you're trying to attract.

3. You will make an impression

Making an impression in a fast-paced world has become increasingly difficult. At a networking event, in a stack of hundreds of resumes, or on a website the best (and easiest) way to make an instant impression is with a great portrait of yourself. Hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes when filling a position, set yourself apart from the crowd. Networking events are so popular these days and everyone has a business card, send those you meet home with a card that's got your photo on it so there is no doubt who you are!

4. A professional headhsot may be required

Many professions require a headshot. Anyone working as an attorney, realtor, entrepreneur, and employees at just about any large corporation are required to have a headshot. These large companies want to seem connected to their clients in a personal way and have a cohesive look.

5. A professional headshot is expected

If you're an entrepreneur, self employed, freelancer you need a professional headshot. This helps to define your brand. It can set the tone of your brand - is your brand fun, colorful, serious, casual or formal. You're a high-end realtor? What's the deal with the cheesy snapshot? Trendy fashion blogger? Why the unflattering iPhone pic on your blog?

A professional photographer will help make you more engaging and add a touch of authenticity to your brand as well as ensure that quality and style is something that comes to mind when people think about you or your brand.


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