Professional Headshots Can Be The Difference

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional of any kind, in any industry, you absolutely must have a professional headshot - without question.


In a recent blog post, 'Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot', we discussed the importance of a professional headshot for anyone from bloggers to CEOs;

  • Make a great impression

  • Make a lasting impression

  • Make connections

  • Headshots are sometimes required

  • And headshots are always expected.

As proof of the importance of a professionally done photo among so many professionals, and more importantly, among industry-leading businesses I'd like to discuss our recent photo shoot for Avalara Inc.


We were invited by Avalara to shoot headshots for their annual convention. "So?" You may ask. Well allow me to explain the significance. Avalara is the tax compliance industry standard, top of their game. When they believe something is important so does everyone else. And they believe a headshot is so important that they flew us to DC to shoot headshots for their employees and convention attendees. I should mention that they already had an event photographer for the conference but wanted us specifically for headshots.

There was nothing unique about this arrangement, major companies across the globe hire photographers to provide headshots for conventions, for their executives, and even for their entire company. Image is more important today than ever before, being in control of yours is a major key to success in any business.

When businesses invest the funds, time and energy, and other resources into hiring a professional photographer it shows that these companies believe that the photos on business cards, LinkedIn, advertisements, and websites should be done to a professional standard. In other words, that selfie you're currently using is not cutting it!

Scroll through a local magazine and you'll see the value of a well done photo by simply comparing one industry's headshots - realtors. Local real estate agents plaster local magazines with their ads, which are typically accompanied by a headshot, it only takes a single glance to realize which agencies are successful and which are...not.


In an increasingly competitive job market it's not only important to show you at your best (which is what a headshot should do!) it's equally important to show that you understand what a company or client values. Even better, show that you share their values!

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