Mad About Madison | Houston Senior Portrait Photographer


High school kids (young adults? IDK!) are quite possibly the easiest and most fun to work with. Not only are they way cool, they usually have a great attitude and are excited to get in front of the camera. This weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Madison. We had so much fun going through her hip clothing (oh to be young!) and figuring out the different looks she wanted for her shoot. Jacob and I wanted to do something edgy with her since she has an interest in modeling, and of course she's super hip. We also discussed doing some "sweet" images for mom, those are a must!

For the first look we went with a soft pink sun dress, sandles, and beach wave hair for a classic look. For our second, "edgy" look she wore ripped jeans, adidas, and tank-top accompanied by a leather jacket. These two simple outfits are very effective in giving Madison the looks she wanted, and allowed for quick wardrobe change (which is crucial when doing on location shoots). 


We love photographing families and kids, those sessions are typically energetic and exciting. Photographing a single person is a little different, it's much slower, we can take the time to experiment, and we have the option of wardrobe changes.

Madison was great in front of our camera, I think she would do well in modeling. She wasn't afraid to try the looks we were going for and naturally fell into the poses. And being so beautiful never hurt!