Our Baby's First Year


Jack is now a year old. Amazing how quickly the time has gone. I have worked with kids for more than a decade, and I've always 'known' that time goes by quickly, but to experience it first hand is mind boggling. 

It has been so fun watching Jack reach each milestone. The little things I take for granted have been challenges for him; I was so overjoyed when he took his first steps, you would have thought he was taking them on the moon! Watching as he discovered his hands and fingers and to see him experience his first sneeze was like watching Marco Polo explore China. OK, I exaggerate! But you know how amazing it is to watch your baby learn even the most mundane tasks. I remember feeling like I didn't want Jack to grow up too quickly (or at all, sometimes), I would say "I'm not going to rush him into crawling or trying to use a spoon" but there is so much pride when your child does something for the first time you can't help but to encourage them. Jack is my first child, and I have wanted every moment to last. 

It's so funny how quickly the things that used to matter or interest me no longer do. Or more accurately, they're less important or interesting. He is now my entertainment! Going to the movies, or going out for drinks just haven't seemed all that exciting. The sleep deprivation also may have been a tiny factor. 

While I was pregnant Jacob and I would discuss what kind of personality Jack might have, quiet and observant (me) or loud and outgoing (Jacob), so far I think it's a good mix. He is silly and loves to make loud noises, yet he likes to sit and people watch as well. We spent Jack's birthday at the Houston Zoo, I think he found the kids running around more exciting than the chimpanzees. I am also impressed to see how resilient, and tenacious he is; he has taken our move back to Texas from California in stride. 


It was such a surreal moment when they put Jack on my chest for the first time, I felt him on my skin and he stopped crying when he recognized my voice! My heart melted the first time he cooed and when he first smiled a non-gas related smile at me. I already miss him being a newborn, maybe it's time to do it again ;-).

This has been an amazing year, and one I will look back on fondly and emotionally. I can only hope this coming year brings us as much joy as the last.