Maternity Portraits, Second Pregnancy is Just as Important

Lauren is one of our extremely talented makeup artists. She’s mom to a toddler, an entrepreneur, and spends her days pampering other women for their important moments, whether it’s for a portrait session or a wedding. I was thrilled to learn that Lauren was expecting her second child and honored that she would ask us to photograph her special milestone.

Every mom deserves the opportunity to be celebrated, no matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, each is special and should be documented with maternity portraits.

Bold and Edgy Maternity Style

Lauren wanted edgy, glamorous and bold. She was a fan of Khloe Kardashian’s maternity photos and I thought that would be a good starting point for her photoshoot. We shared a Pinterest board for style and wardrobe inspiration and found it to be a helpful tool for Lauren to communicate her goals.

Once we had the style and look of the maternity shoot figured out it was time for a little shopping trip. Lauren and I enjoyed an afternoon of shopping together while comparing pregnancy symptoms. Yes, we were bump buddies! Each of our second pregnancies were very different from our firsts. More nausea, back and pelvic pain, exhaustion, and bigger tummies. A couple of the photos we had in mind would require a few unique and glamorous items. We were fortunate to find a fabulous black evening gown from Chloe Dao’s Boutique and a blue velvet wrap dress from ModChic Couture. Both of these items weren’t actually maternity wear but with a little stretch and some creativity they worked for the shoot.

The other looks we were able to create from our studio wardrobe, the flowing fabric and a bodysuit, as well as a few personal items from Lauren’s own wardrobe. And of course her birthday suit!


Pamper Mom Before Her Photoshoot

The morning of any one of our photoshoots we like the mood of the studio to be one of total relaxation. It’s something most moms don’t get enough of and something our maternity clients especially appreciate. Lauren came into the studio for her pre photoshoot makeover. Her hair and makeup done by Sunny Gallegos, owner of Sunny Hair and Makeup Artistry, a fantastic makeup artist and close friend of the studio. Lauren enjoyed her makeover along with a mocktail and some locally made pastries, she has an energetic toddler and a full time business so getting just an hour of relaxation was a cherished respite, not to mention she didn’t have to share her delicious pastry!

With such bold looks we decided on glamorous makeup, which would help Lauren’s beautiful eyes pop, and full loose curled hair that would look beautiful with some magazine style wind action.

The Power of Growing a Person

Lauren wanted to focus on how powerful she felt. As a businesswoman, a mom and a wife she was feeling unstoppable. We wanted to create photos that would remind her that her pregnancy made her feel more than just tired, she felt like a superwoman. After all the diaper and spit-up it’s hard to remember that sometimes. Going through my second pregnancy at the same time helped keep some of this in mind.


2nd Pregnancy Maternity Photos

I know first hand how hard it is to have maternity portraits done for your second pregnancy. To be honest your second pregnancy is just different, not that it isn’t as exciting as your first or that you love your baby less but it’s just not as new. Not to mention you’re even more tired from chasing around your first child. There’s less time to focus on all the things your body is going through and how you’re experiencing it all. I believe a good way to celebrate every pregnancy is with a maternity photoshoot. Lauren will have these beautiful maternity photos to remind her of her time with her baby girl and help reconnect her to the powerful experience of growing life, again.

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