Matching Pajama Photos | Holiday Family Photo Shoot

Family wearing matching holiday pajamas

Holiday family photos are a requirement. There is no better time to get in front of the camera with the family. And the great thing about a photo session designed specifically for holiday greeting cards is it gives you some leeway to be a little more adventurous than you might normally be. The goal, after all, is to be warm and intimate. Nothing says warm and intimate like a snuggly pair of jammies!

Matching pajamas are huge right now. They're so popular that it's hard to find a store that doesn't offer matching sets for mom, dad, babies, and kids. And like most fashion trends, this one has found its way into family portraits. Unlike most trends, we love it!

Why Matching Pajamas

There is something wholesome about matching PJ's. When I see a family in matching pajamas I can't help but think of the Griswalds, you know, the quirky yet lovable, and very family-centric family from National Lampoons Vacation series. A family that's willing to wear matching jammies is also likely to have a great sense of humor and be a fun and enthusiastic bunch. The sort of family we love to get in our Heights photo studio.

Holiday Photos

When I received a call asking if we could get the Alvarado family in for a holiday portrait session I was excited to learn that they planned on wearing PJ's. Mom, Dad, and 5-month-old son wanted something cozy and fun for their holiday cards, and what a better way to do it that with a pajama photoshoot!


When the family arrived at our studio the morning of the shoot we were thrilled to see that baby was not only super adorable, but he was in a great mood and ready for his spotlight. 


Mom and Dad were both relaxed, which is not always expected of parents of an infant and they were super into the photo session. We had a lot of laughs

Our Favorite Pajamas

Roller Rabbit

These pajamas are handcrafted in Peru, with some of the softest cotton we have ever touched. The matching pajama options offered at Roller Rabbit are limited but typically reflect their well-curated clothing options. 

Hanna Andersson

Another great option is Hanna Andersson, their matching pajama selection is great and varied. You will find classic striped pajamas, Star Wars themed pajamas and everything in between. Hanna Andersson also offers a lifetime guarantee on their pajamas.

Never a Wrong Time

While it's a lot of fun to dress the whole family in holiday prints, complete with matching elf hats and slippers, it doesn't mean that winter is the only time you should consider matching pajamas. Snuggle up anytime in a matching set of PJ's, you won't regret it!

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