Bellaire Beauties | Houston Family Portrait Photographer

Our recent portrait session in Bellaire was an exciting experience for us. When I arrived at the beautiful home for the consultation, I already had a few ideas for the location of the shoot (Hermann Park was high on my list). Our client had asked for a casual family session for herself, her daughters, and each of their significant others, and I had planned on suggesting we do the shoot somewhere familiar (Memorial Park was on my list as well). All that went out the window during the consultation. 

As part of the in-person consultation, I was given a tour of the home to discuss where the portraits would be hung. After seeing the how beautiful the property was we decided that the backyard and sitting room were perfect settings for these casual family portraits. Not only would it be a great location, it would make the portraits that much more special.

We started in the sitting room, with its large window and beautiful light.


From there we moved out on to the grand patio, which overlooks the pool and waterfall. While posing the ladies we thought we would include the very nosy pups, one of which was 15 years old! 

These sisters were so much fun to photograph! Big sister was natural and poised, while little sister was extremely hip and loved being in front of the camera.


We wrapped up under the big, beautiful tree in the yard. The tree provided great lighting and was a perfect addition to their photos.  


It's always an honor photographing someone's family, but there was something special about this session. Doing this shoot in their home kept it intimate and personal, and made the entire experience that much more significant.

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