Husband and Wife Photography Team in Houston

We opened The Shelby Studio as a husband and wife team, both of us coming from professional creative fields. We’re both dedicated to offering a luxury portrait session, but we each bring different skillsets and perspectives to the table. Natalie has over a decade of experience as a photographer and a gift for modern design and style. Jacob merges his experience and creativity as a composer with his analytical approach to storytelling.


Fresh Perspective on Family Photos

Before the birth of our son, we were living in Los Angeles just a few minutes from the beach. Natalie worked for other photographers while Jacob was a film music composer. While we loved where we lived, we didn’t feel satisfied in our professional lives. We’re very family oriented, so when Jack was born in 2016, we realized it was time to move near family in Houston and to finally open our own portrait studio.

Jacob is passionate, and very 'left brained'. An alum of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, he worked as a composer in the film music industry before turning is lifelong love of photography into a career.


Driven by a desire to understand people’s stories, Jacob finds inspiration in the genuine emotion of a story and has developed a talent for illustrating that emotion and drama through visual imagery. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Jacob built a career as a composer in the film industry in Los Angeles. Where he once portrayed a story through music, he now uses photography as his creative tool. Jacob gained a new perspective when he became a father and feels passionate about telling a family’s story with lasting art.



Known for her creativity and warm personality, Natalie makes it easy for anyone, especially children, to open up and feel relaxed around her. Her beautiful personality keeps our shoots light and fun! With a degree in photography and over a decade of experience as a creative professional, Natalie styles each shoot and notices all the small, but significant visual details that would normally go unnoticed. Her passion lies in design and her work as a retouch artist has been featured in numerous publications, including Cosmopolitan Magazine.



Recognized for his stylish wardrobe and outgoing personality, Jack loves to dance, listen to music, and read about animals. He prefers to spend his family’s free time at the park or the zoo. Jack easily fits into the role of “Boss” at the studio and his midday nap policy is incredibly popular!


We're proud members of the Magic Hour Foundation

Natalie and Jacob are the best! They both worked so well with our kids (5 and 8) making it fun for them during our family photo shoot! As a result - we received so many great shots with genuine smiles (not easy) that we had a hard time selecting our favorites. Very professional and responsive. Did I mention that they brought coffee for my wife and I and hot chocolates for the kids? They really turned what I thought was going to be a arduous morning into a fun experience for all of us - and of course on top of that we now have all of these wonderful photos. Will not hesitate to call on the Shelby Studio for more sessions in the future.
— Robin & Christopher