Toddler Photo Shoot | Houston Family Photographer

Jack is now 18 months old and is very much a typical toddler. It's been so much fun watching him grow and develop, but as he begins to develop he also begins to have his own opinions (not looking forward to this part!). We realize that he's not going to let us dress him up for much longer, so now is the time to dress and photograph him in what I want. Even though we're family and kids portrait photographers, it's not always easy to get our own son in front of the camera. At least not in our studio.

Shopping for Boys

Buying an outfit for a photo shoot is fun, or at least it should be. But shopping for a boy is a little tough I think. Many stores have better options for girls and more of a selection as well, when a store does have outfits for boys they tend to be covered in unsightly graphics. I wanted to find something timeless and solid colored (check out our style guide for more on this). Luckily we found two must have outfits for Jack at the Itsybitsy Boutique on Westheimer.

I had a very specific vision in mind for the styling of the shoot, I wanted a classic outfit, in the studio with this beautiful eggnog color, and to capture Jack naturally with Somebunny (Jack's stuffed bunny and closest confidant). For this portrait shoot we found the most adorable pajama outfit by Dondolo, this outfit is so sweet and perfectly classic - I love the white collar and dainty sleeve detail. 

A Toddler & His Bunny

For a kid's portrait session it's great to include something that they love and that will help remind you what was going on in their life at the time of the shoot. For Jack it is his bunny. Jack loves to hug Somebunny and play with his ears - he holds ears for comfort. I knew I had to capture him holding bunny by the ear and giving him a hug. I also wanted to capture the crazy hair he has right now. For a while now we have been debating whether we should cut his hair but we're afraid as soon as his hair is cut he's going to look like a little boy and not our little baby.

Just Jack

Recently we've noticed Jack is just a little sponge soaking up words and actions. Lately, Jack has been learning to count and I was so excited when we captured him saying "One" and holding up his finger to begin counting. Jack is now 18 months and no longer that chubby just sit there and smile 8 month old. He is a silly rambunctious toddler who can't sit still, thankfully photographing children for about a decade has taught me the tricks to getting great pictures toddlers. 

Dressed for Success

His second outfit we found was for our recent family photo shoot, this outfit by Rachel Riley - The Heritage Collection makes me think of the adorable outfits and styling of Prince George. And these boots by Manuela de Juan made it even more adorable. My baby is growing up too fast and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to dress him up like a little gentleman. 

Photographing Your Toddler

The Shelby Studio has many years of photographing energetic toddlers and always works as a team to make sure we're able to capture the best moments, sometimes all you get is a split second! We provide styling assistance with every shoot and strive to make photographing your family stress-free. If you want portraits of your dapper darlings just give us a call at 832.582.1983.