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One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting on the couch with the family photo albums. My grandmother loved looking at those photos, and honestly many of them were not very good but that wasn't the point. What mattered to her was reliving the moments captured in those photographs. That's the power of a photo but that's for later blog ;-). 

The albums she had were full of Polaroids and drug store prints. As wonderful as these were, many have not lasted and those that have are now sealed in airtight containers to prevent them from being further damaged or degraded. As you can imagine we are no longer enjoying those photos the way we would like to.

There are many custom portrait album makers that now print images that hold up over time. Our albums are printed on the highest quality photo paper, under normal conditions these albums can last a century! To put that in perspective a century ago (1917) the United States ended its search for Pancho Via. That's a long time!

Image lifespan is incredibly important, most important in fact but as I said before, there are several profesional album companies that offer products that do this. So what sets our albums apart?

Our albums not only last generations, they look good doing it. The color accuracy is 100%, so in 50 years when you're showing your photos to your great-grandchildren they will look as good as they did the day they were printed.


Then there is the cover and binding. Our albums are exceedingly well crafted, they are hand-stitched by Italian artisans. Each album is personly inspected to ensure a flawless construction. The elegant cover can be embossed, giving your album a truly custom look.


The display box is the cherry on top! These unique boxes are hand-made in rigid high-density fiberboard, giving them a light yet sturdy build. The transparent lid protects the album without hiding it. These boxes are great for displaying the albums so that they don't end up hiding on the shelf.


We love love love these albums! When our clients see these albums, when they touch these albums, they can't help but fall in love too!


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