Down South Blvd | Houston Family Portrait Photographer


Extended family portrait sessions are not supposed to be fun, and they're certainly not supposed to be easy. But no one ever told the Day family. Leading up to this shoot we were a little anxious, extended families have lots of breakdowns (grandparents and grandkids, grandparents and parents, siblings, each family, etc.) and this was our first shoot on South Blvd. There was also a 2 year old involved. Under normal circumstances a 2-year-old is manageable and occasionally fun, you can get them involved and quickly get the shots you need but with a large group it could be a challenge. All that worrying turned out to be wasted energy we learned as we began the session on Houston's iconic South Blvd.


Rocco was a bit shy - the occasional tickling or Ninja Turtles discussion helped get him in the spirit. Also, a few wrestling lessons from Dad didn't hurt! Adelina was a ham and enjoyed being in front of the camera, though she enjoyed a tickle or two - For a 2-year-old she was so calm and natural in front of the camera. Josiah, we were told was a charming young man, as it turned out this was quite accurate. He was relaxed and natural in front of the camera, no tickles needed. He was also a very loving older cousin. 


Barbara and Jonathan are the sort of grandparents every kid wishes for. The praise and warmth they showed their grandkids was gentle and sincere, and never overbearing. The children gravitated to them in only a way other grandparents could appreciate. The entire family, and each immediate family were so close and were so much fun to be around!


A family of talented artists, wall space was at a premium. Barbara and Jonathan had the majority of their walls covered in works of art, no room for portraits was available. When we discussed the type of artwork they were interested in at their consultation it was clear that an album was going to be the way to go. 


This family is truly full of kindness and joy, we couldn't help being sucked in by this. We hope the images we captured that day will be a lasting memorial to the love they share.